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Lead Generation + AI Appointment Setting System

⚠️We promise exclusive leads to our clients so we only work with one contractor per area⚠️

⚠️We promise exclusive leads to our clients so we only work with one contractor per area⚠️

Why Use AI Appointment Setter?

Speed, speed, speed, and lets not forget speed.

You may have heard of the phrase "speed to the lead" when it comes to marketing and lead generation and there's a good reason. Speed to the lead is the most important thing when it comes to getting the most out of your leads. If you do not contact them quickly your chances of getting a hold of them let alone booking them goes down by the minute.

Contacting them within 10 minutes is not as good as 5 and 15 not as good as 10.

But imagine being able to follow up within 2 minutes EVERY SINGLE TIME without failure? Your conversion rates would skyrocket! That is why this system is so powerful - you are contacting the lead right after they see the ad and are most invested, and when they have enough time to respond because they are already using their phone.

Check Out A Live Example Of the AI Appointment Setter!

These responses were fully automated by our custom built AI Bot and the appointment picked in the example was booked right into the calendar! REPONSE TIMES were edited out so you wouldn't have to sit through them, but the bot waits 30 seconds to reply for a more human like conversation.


1. We train our AI bot to be an expert on the ins and outs of all aspects of your business and service(s)

2. We generate exclusive leads for you using our tailored marketing system

3. The leads are then pre qualified by our AI system

3. Our AI appointment setter will respond to any and all of their questions & get them to book an appointment right into your calendar

4. You or your team show up to the appointment and close them! $$$

5. You ONLY PAY for QUALIFIED appointments that WE book FOR YOU

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes it a qualified appointment?

The meaning of qualified is based on on your specifications. If you require the homeowner to have a 650+ credit score and have a certain type of roof for example, they will be pre-qualified on those parameters.

How do you generate the leads?

We use Facebook and Instagram advertising to generate leads for you. There are a few main reasons:

1.Branding: Through strategic social media advertising we can establish you as THE contractor not just A contractor. Instead of waiting for people to look on Google where they will see 10+ other contractors with a line of text being the only differentiating factor. With social media ads we get to tell a story, give a compelling offer and make prospects want to work with your brand SPECIFICALLY.

2.Target them at the earliest stage of the buying journey: Since we target them before they go price shopping on Google, you are the only contractor that crosses their mind when they decide to get a new roof, which means you don't have to race to the bottom with low quotes to compete. You get to be the first and likely only contractor that they speak to which give you massive leverage in turning appointments into closed deals.

3. Consistency and Cost per lead: When you advertise on social media YOU put the ads in front of your target audience, instead of them having to come to you like with Google (say goodbye to slow seasons). With social media advertising you know that if you spend X you get Y (like a money printing machine), it is not an auction based system like Google. Through Facebook and Instagram we also have a lot more creative range to make really effective ads and make more significant optimizations to get you very low cost per lead and high ROAS.

Why do you only work with 1 contractor per area

We are not a lead broker, we do not generate leads and sell them like home advisor or Angie's list. We generate exclusive leads specifically for the client we are working with using social media marketing. Because of this we don't want to have multiples clients advertising in overlapping radii because it would cause our own ads to compete with each other. When you work with us, just know that our goal is to help YOU become the go-to contractor in your area, and we will not being helping your competitors behind your back.

How are you different than any other Facebook ads marketing agency?

A lot of other agencies copy and paste basic ads for every client they work with. (Picture of a roof or picture of solar panels with some basic ad copy and a bait and switch offer that makes prospects dislike you) This means mediocre results that are just good enough so the client will stay for a couple months.

As a smaller more bespoke agency, we choose to work with a smaller circle of clients so we can focus on getting the BEST results for EVERY client because we prioritize long term partnerships. With our advertising we tailor make each campaign to fit the clients brand and market based on strategies we have used successfully hundreds of times before. With each client we make brand specific ads that will make people want to work with YOU not just seek the lowest quote from any solar or get a roof contractor.

How does the AI Appointment Setter work?

When a new lead comes in our automated sequence will send them a text and email confirmation text. Then our AI appointment setting bot will ask them a series of qualifying questions based on your parameters and when they are qualified will figure out a time that works for them that is available on your calendar, and book them in.

We gather all the necessary data about your company that you would use to train any other customer service employee and input that into the bots algorithm. We them strenuously stress test the bot to make sure they accurately respond to any question the lead could possibly ask (including use of slang, word shortcuts, typos, etc.)

Why is the bot better than have a call center or hired assistant

The bot NEVER misses a follow up and is NEVER late on a response. A huge key to get a lead to book is speed: how fast you can contact and reply to the lead. Because this system doesn't rely on humans you know for a fact that the AI bot will follow up exactly when it is supposed to EVERYTIME and respond to any question or comment in exactly 20 seconds.

The traditional way to never miss a follow up or have quick response times is to hire someone to do it full time and even then they can't do it 24/7. In this case, if you want someone decent you will have to pay THOUSANDS every month, JUST for the appointment setting aspect.

In the case of the bot, it comes with the system, it doesn't get tired, it doesn't need lunch breaks and it will not forget anything about your business.

Why do you only work with businesses that have a minimum 4 star rating?

When we advertise and get deals for contractors, we want to know that we are helping everyone out, the homeowner gets a great quality service, the contractor gets paid and then we get paid - everyone wins. We can't in good conscience help contractors who don't deliver a good service get more deals because we know we are screwing over a bunch of homeowners.

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